2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Three

Today was the last Sunday on campus for 2019. The next Sunday I spend in Gandhinagar will be in 2020, an oddly comforting thought. Tomorrow’s exam is Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing: it’s a subject we’ve had few classes in (owing to some unfortunate circumstances), where the faculty who has lectured us has attempted to educate us in the formats of legal documents which are to be presented to Courts and other fora.

This is a course we’ve already indulged in to some extent. We had Legal English in our second semester, in 2016, and we learned very similar things in that course too. Which is why I don’t particularly understand the purpose of this paper. It feels like they’re putting in subjects for subjects’ sake – because once they started a five-year course they couldn’t go back on their word. I’m more convinced now that the integrated degree can be a four-year venture. Or if you want five-years, teach more stream subjects. My juniors get this advantage now, but it’s just a little frustrating that we haven’t been beneficiaries of the change. I’m just hoping to avoid a repetition of my Legal English midsemester. I scored an abysmal 12/30, the kind of score that’s confidence-crushing in second semester, given that my brain switched over to percentage calculations and questioned if I knew the English language at all. I lost marks for a foolish violation of some Exam Rules. Oh well. We learn and grow, right?

In any case, I think these formats shouldn’t be taught at law school. You pick them up in practice, when you do internships and work. Plus, with drafting, unless you’re teaching precise, concise drafting, or a skill that’s definitely applicable to the cause, it’s a little redundant – especially since drafting is one of those things that lawyers develop their own style for, and try to put their stamp of uniqueness on. Some firms even have an in-house style guide to ensure that they’re putting a consistent product out, and they’re renown across the industry for a particular style of drafts.

As you can tell, I’m not particularly interested in the course material. I spent time watching the Test Match, watching the Manchester United-Liverpool game (a travesty, United deserved the win), and studying/napping. I also shared a massive Dairy Milk family pack with some friends.

That family pack was given to me by a very close friend. It was a small act of pure kindness that really changed the way I looked at today. There’s this social media account I follow called 8bitfiction, whose tagline is “Do your best and love well”, and these acts of kindness I have experienced over the last month just remind me of the power of that message, and how much I believe in the value of being a good-natured individual.

Do your best and love well.

Onto tomorrow.

2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Two

Today was my first end-semester exam. It went well. It was a lengthy paper and everything, but I think nine semesters down, I’m a little numb to the length of papers and the number of pages I’m expected to write for each answer. I do calculations the minute I get the question paper. It’s frustrating, but it’s habit, and I’m so eager to see it wean off me in under six months.

I slept, played RuneScape, and spent some time with a friend who came to my room and “chilled” after absolute ages. I know that when I leave college it’s not so much the various activities I took part in, but just this freedom – that people could come into my room whenever and hang out, that I’ll miss. It’s not like I’ve indulged in it too much, or encouraged it even – I’m usually running around campus scurrying from place to place. But I’ve slowed down for various reasons this semester, and I’m quite enjoying the current pace.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, and Monday’s the next exam. There’s a Manchester United-Liverpool match I’m keeping a very close eye on because I’m nervous, but optimistic as always, and I’m hoping to fix the sleep cycle by ensuring I don’t take an afternoon nap (so I can sleep soundly at night). Fingers crossed that works out for me.

2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Nine

Exam season has always meant some change in my routine and habits. I’ve always written about the positive change it brings to my sleep cycle, where every break, and every single small achievement in eroding portions is rewarded with a nap (which eventually becomes an hour of sleep). It also leads to some changes in the kind of food I consume, and the frequency of my food consumption.

But it has also meant the quest for distraction. Studying subjects I’m not too happy with, or not enjoying too much is difficult – especially when I need to concentrate on it fully throughout the day. So I ensure there’s something good awaiting me as I complete each Chapter, apart from the napping.

This year, I have decided to restart playing Runescape. I was addicted to this game as a pre-teen. Largely because everyone in Dubai played it at the time. It isn’t as popular now, and none of my friends play it (atleast none I know of), so I’m entirely responsible for the amount of time I spend on the website. I’ve decided to replay Old School Runescape. I was tempted to try Runescape 3, but I am a creature of habit, so I couldn’t get around to it.

It’s a ton of fun. It’s the exact same world I remember from my last login maybe 8 or 9 years ago now. And nothing’s changed, and the Old School community looks fantastic. I’m hoping to just make it through everything and find challenges to take on to keep me occupied week-on-week. I also know this is something I’ll carry through beyond exam season, so my winter is going to be absolutely amazing!

On a sidenote: the other game I used to play was Club Penguin. I’m sad that shut down.

2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Eight

I’ve had an eventful day attempting to study for my first end-semester exam, which starts on Saturday. The fact that it’s two days away means I woke up this morning with the awareness that I had one day (at the minimum) to squander away. Despite my steely resolve to attempt and hope for all the productivity I could muster up, the urges of relaxing and wasting time did creep up on me from time to time. They did take away a few hours, I must admit. I even contemplated shaving, just to pass more time. Ultimately decided not to though. My mom and I haven’t video chatted in a good week now, so she hasn’t seen my face in a while. As a result, I haven’t heard about the need to shave from her. Although, some of my school classmates decided to fulfill that role for me instead, chiding my appearance and laughing at the beard that has grown on my face within a few seconds of us acquiring good internet connection.

After yesterday’s news I was able to book tickets for the places I will be travelling to over the winter break – between November and December. I’m eager to visit family. Really looking forward to that, and some good food.

Other than that the winter break is going to be filled with applications and such, plus a routine I’m probably going to get pushed into from my first day home. That’s always fun, isn’t it?

Today I discovered that a friend of mine was reading the blog. As always, I thanked them for it – its always nice to know people read the kind of words you want to send out into the void. It was nice to hear someone found something I posted as a point to check up on me or to start off a conversation with me. Warmed my heart. But it also reaffirmed a lot of why I write, and why I don’t enjoy days where I don’t post. Writing has become a process by which I have been able to publicly self-reflect, and it’s a part of me I don’t want to lose or fall behind on. The daily blog has become a journey into that, and I’m trying to see what challenge to take up next year to keep things fresh. Momentum and forces of the Universe willing, I should be able to make three sixty five this year.

November and December will be a lot of 2020 planning. I say that like I’m a Presidential candidate or something. But actually, I’m in my boxer shorts getting ready to sleep.

2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Seven

Today I found out the results from my interview. You know, the one I blogged about earlier today.

I didn’t make it.

It sucked for a good hour or so. And I think maybe more. It’ll probably suck for a while to be honest. It isn’t because of the fact that I didn’t make it through, but more because of the kind of value I attached to it. There is the fact that I’ve known about this for a while and I’ve aspired toward it, so I’m a little disappointed it hasn’t worked out for me this year. I enjoyed myself and worked hard through the process too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity it gave me. To think and figure out some stuff about what I want to be doing with this degree I’ll be getting soon.

It just bums me out that it didn’t work out this year. I know its not the end of the road. I’ll figure stuff out, and there’s several more opportunities I’ll work toward for myself.

This one’s going to take a bit to sink in.

In recent times I’ve found myself anchoring to faith more than I have previously. It’s an oddity I’m coming to grips with. But I guess keeping faith: in whatever shape or form that is, and whatever it brings with it, and working hard/being true are the only things I can do to move forward and move along.

That’s just what I’m going to do.

Plus, it’s end-semester season. We’ve got things to do.

2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Six

Tomorrow’s the last teaching day of the semester. It’s not been a particularly excellent one, but I’m glad that it’s happened. It means we’re closer to the end of the degree I’ve been working toward since 2015. There’s a lot to take away from all of these experiences I’ve had, and I know I will. I know I’ll carry them with me wherever I go: all of it.

The last week got me reading again: properly. I recently finished the Ben Rhodes’ memoir of the Obama White House years. It gave me a ton of food for thought. Obama’s always been a President I’ve admired. It helps that he was in power through my “formative” years, so to speak. I learned about his policy positions a lot later: and I agree with some while I disagree with others. What I admired about Obama was his ability to present the United States of America as a country that, irrespective of the drama going on, had things under control. That emotion of calm within the storm: something I found akin to Dhoni, when he led teams.

It was just emotional processing at a different level.

Reading Rhodes’ book reminded me of that time. It also taught me the value of a support team. That matters, and it gives you perspective when you need it. The book’s a stunning read, and its got me thinking and reading a lot more about American politics than I normally would be.