2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Two

Today was my first end-semester exam. It went well. It was a lengthy paper and everything, but I think nine semesters down, I’m a little numb to the length of papers and the number of pages I’m expected to write for each answer. I do calculations the minute I get the question paper. It’s frustrating, but it’s habit, and I’m so eager to see it wean off me in under six months.

I slept, played RuneScape, and spent some time with a friend who came to my room and “chilled” after absolute ages. I know that when I leave college it’s not so much the various activities I took part in, but just this freedom – that people could come into my room whenever and hang out, that I’ll miss. It’s not like I’ve indulged in it too much, or encouraged it even – I’m usually running around campus scurrying from place to place. But I’ve slowed down for various reasons this semester, and I’m quite enjoying the current pace.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, and Monday’s the next exam. There’s a Manchester United-Liverpool match I’m keeping a very close eye on because I’m nervous, but optimistic as always, and I’m hoping to fix the sleep cycle by ensuring I don’t take an afternoon nap (so I can sleep soundly at night). Fingers crossed that works out for me.

Let me know what you think!

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