2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Three

Today was the last Sunday on campus for 2019. The next Sunday I spend in Gandhinagar will be in 2020, an oddly comforting thought. Tomorrow’s exam is Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing: it’s a subject we’ve had few classes in (owing to some unfortunate circumstances), where the faculty who has lectured us has attempted to educate us in the formats of legal documents which are to be presented to Courts and other fora.

This is a course we’ve already indulged in to some extent. We had Legal English in our second semester, in 2016, and we learned very similar things in that course too. Which is why I don’t particularly understand the purpose of this paper. It feels like they’re putting in subjects for subjects’ sake – because once they started a five-year course they couldn’t go back on their word. I’m more convinced now that the integrated degree can be a four-year venture. Or if you want five-years, teach more stream subjects. My juniors get this advantage now, but it’s just a little frustrating that we haven’t been beneficiaries of the change. I’m just hoping to avoid a repetition of my Legal English midsemester. I scored an abysmal 12/30, the kind of score that’s confidence-crushing in second semester, given that my brain switched over to percentage calculations and questioned if I knew the English language at all. I lost marks for a foolish violation of some Exam Rules. Oh well. We learn and grow, right?

In any case, I think these formats shouldn’t be taught at law school. You pick them up in practice, when you do internships and work. Plus, with drafting, unless you’re teaching precise, concise drafting, or a skill that’s definitely applicable to the cause, it’s a little redundant – especially since drafting is one of those things that lawyers develop their own style for, and try to put their stamp of uniqueness on. Some firms even have an in-house style guide to ensure that they’re putting a consistent product out, and they’re renown across the industry for a particular style of drafts.

As you can tell, I’m not particularly interested in the course material. I spent time watching the Test Match, watching the Manchester United-Liverpool game (a travesty, United deserved the win), and studying/napping. I also shared a massive Dairy Milk family pack with some friends.

That family pack was given to me by a very close friend. It was a small act of pure kindness that really changed the way I looked at today. There’s this social media account I follow called 8bitfiction, whose tagline is “Do your best and love well”, and these acts of kindness I have experienced over the last month just remind me of the power of that message, and how much I believe in the value of being a good-natured individual.

Do your best and love well.

Onto tomorrow.

Let me know what you think!

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