2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Seven

Today I found out the results from my interview. You know, the one I blogged about earlier today.

I didn’t make it.

It sucked for a good hour or so. And I think maybe more. It’ll probably suck for a while to be honest. It isn’t because of the fact that I didn’t make it through, but more because of the kind of value I attached to it. There is the fact that I’ve known about this for a while and I’ve aspired toward it, so I’m a little disappointed it hasn’t worked out for me this year. I enjoyed myself and worked hard through the process too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity it gave me. To think and figure out some stuff about what I want to be doing with this degree I’ll be getting soon.

It just bums me out that it didn’t work out this year. I know its not the end of the road. I’ll figure stuff out, and there’s several more opportunities I’ll work toward for myself.

This one’s going to take a bit to sink in.

In recent times I’ve found myself anchoring to faith more than I have previously. It’s an oddity I’m coming to grips with. But I guess keeping faith: in whatever shape or form that is, and whatever it brings with it, and working hard/being true are the only things I can do to move forward and move along.

That’s just what I’m going to do.

Plus, it’s end-semester season. We’ve got things to do.

Let me know what you think!

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