2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Eight

I’ve had an eventful day attempting to study for my first end-semester exam, which starts on Saturday. The fact that it’s two days away means I woke up this morning with the awareness that I had one day (at the minimum) to squander away. Despite my steely resolve to attempt and hope for all the productivity I could muster up, the urges of relaxing and wasting time did creep up on me from time to time. They did take away a few hours, I must admit. I even contemplated shaving, just to pass more time. Ultimately decided not to though. My mom and I haven’t video chatted in a good week now, so she hasn’t seen my face in a while. As a result, I haven’t heard about the need to shave from her. Although, some of my school classmates decided to fulfill that role for me instead, chiding my appearance and laughing at the beard that has grown on my face within a few seconds of us acquiring good internet connection.

After yesterday’s news I was able to book tickets for the places I will be travelling to over the winter break – between November and December. I’m eager to visit family. Really looking forward to that, and some good food.

Other than that the winter break is going to be filled with applications and such, plus a routine I’m probably going to get pushed into from my first day home. That’s always fun, isn’t it?

Today I discovered that a friend of mine was reading the blog. As always, I thanked them for it – its always nice to know people read the kind of words you want to send out into the void. It was nice to hear someone found something I posted as a point to check up on me or to start off a conversation with me. Warmed my heart. But it also reaffirmed a lot of why I write, and why I don’t enjoy days where I don’t post. Writing has become a process by which I have been able to publicly self-reflect, and it’s a part of me I don’t want to lose or fall behind on. The daily blog has become a journey into that, and I’m trying to see what challenge to take up next year to keep things fresh. Momentum and forces of the Universe willing, I should be able to make three sixty five this year.

November and December will be a lot of 2020 planning. I say that like I’m a Presidential candidate or something. But actually, I’m in my boxer shorts getting ready to sleep.

Let me know what you think!

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