2019: Two Hundred and Eighty Nine

Exam season has always meant some change in my routine and habits. I’ve always written about the positive change it brings to my sleep cycle, where every break, and every single small achievement in eroding portions is rewarded with a nap (which eventually becomes an hour of sleep). It also leads to some changes in the kind of food I consume, and the frequency of my food consumption.

But it has also meant the quest for distraction. Studying subjects I’m not too happy with, or not enjoying too much is difficult – especially when I need to concentrate on it fully throughout the day. So I ensure there’s something good awaiting me as I complete each Chapter, apart from the napping.

This year, I have decided to restart playing Runescape. I was addicted to this game as a pre-teen. Largely because everyone in Dubai played it at the time. It isn’t as popular now, and none of my friends play it (atleast none I know of), so I’m entirely responsible for the amount of time I spend on the website. I’ve decided to replay Old School Runescape. I was tempted to try Runescape 3, but I am a creature of habit, so I couldn’t get around to it.

It’s a ton of fun. It’s the exact same world I remember from my last login maybe 8 or 9 years ago now. And nothing’s changed, and the Old School community looks fantastic. I’m hoping to just make it through everything and find challenges to take on to keep me occupied week-on-week. I also know this is something I’ll carry through beyond exam season, so my winter is going to be absolutely amazing!

On a sidenote: the other game I used to play was Club Penguin. I’m sad that shut down.

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