Acer Laptop

I’m in love with technology. I love new devices and upgrades to existing technology, and reading and watching reviews of technology. I don’t purchase technology often: it’s always after a rigorous research process – it’s always been that way. The idea is to essentially ensure that any piece of technology I invest in is something that’ll give me returns for a couple of years, or atleast stay stable for as long as possible. This is something I’ve developed over the course of time: I would rather spend my money in something that’s durable and longlasting rather than something that’ll go kaput in a few months.

My Acer Laptop is a Nitro V Aspire. It’s a gaming laptop. I purchased it before I came to University, and it was the second-ever laptop my parents bought for me, after a Toshiba I had for 5 years. We bought it because the Toshiba began to slow down, and University definitely demanded a laptop of adequate speed, one that could handle multiple processes at the same time. Naturally, I thought we’d be doing a lot of research for it, but it took lesser time than anticipated to settle on the Acer. We got a really good deal and the laptop had everything I was looking for at the time.

3 years into University, however, the laptop began to act up, and slow down. That wasn’t too much of trouble, but then it began crashing – and losing files, which I found frustrating, but my dad found frustrating too. That led to the purchase of a different laptop, and then when that began acting up, we exchanged it for what I currently use. The Acer, therefore, has been on standby as a back-up laptop that crashes frequently for quite a while.

It’s actually been in a really comfortable bag in storage for the past year and a half, inside my cupboard on campus. I’ve taken it out a couple of times to use when my old laptop acted up, but it failed me then. I even loaned it out for a bit to a junior when their laptop was acting up. It’s seen a lot, clearly. But it’s old, and rusty, and as with old things, it’s got its fair share of issues.

I’ve seen a lot. On this campus, I’m a dinosaur. I’m old, and rusty. I’ve got my fair share of issues. Given, however, that this laptop is a gaming laptop, and that I’m in my last semester – with some free time and a desire to unwind, I thought it would be fair to try extracting as much as I could out of it – entertainment-wise. So I’ve dropped it off to the hardware technician, paid for a full servicing, and I am incredibly hopeful that when it returns, I’ll be able to game atleast for about 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday.

Gaming actually became a bit of a hobby only in the last semester. When I used the Acer laptop as my daily laptop, I didn’t really use it for gaming per se. I’m keen to see what it ends up functioning like, but most of all, I’m keen to relive the nostalgia of this massive machine I used to carry with me everywhere on campus when everyone had sleek, smaller machines.

If all goes well, this is going to be an exciting semester (as if it already wasn’t).


Let me know what you think!

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