On Cheap Spectacles

I’m a sucker for cheap, high-quality items. I love a good deal, and I’m happy to wait for longer on an investment in any item if I’m going to get it for less. It’s fun knowing that I’ve saved some money – and it’s particularly enjoyable when it is something that I need and will use on a daily basis.

Such as my spectacles.

I last purchased spectacles (after years of my mother trying to convince me I needed new ones) in the summer of 2017. I was back home with my parents for a couple of weeks, interning in what was then my home city, and I decided that would be an opportune time to get things like glasses and licenses done. Lenskart had just launched in India around that time, so one evening after dinner, my mother and I devoted ourselves to the task of trying out all the various frames that lenskart had to offer on my face (because they have cool technology) and then pick 2 pairs to buy. This was also because they ran a buy one get one free offer at the time – something I was absolutely crazy about.

Those spectacles are spectacles I still wear today, 3 years later. I know that isn’t a crazy long period of time or anything, but in terms of how frequently I used to get glasses made (because I played basketball and have an oddly shaped head), it’s a fair amount of time. In fact, I didn’t visit an ophthalmologist between 2017 and 2019 end, all out of sheer laziness, and the strong sense that my power would change, necessitating a change in my spectacles in some shape or form.

I was right. Visiting the ophthalmologist now, we found out my power had definitely increased. Back on campus I started experiencing headaches, so after my dad reminded me that I needed to get spectacles done, I decided to go to the optician store.

Now, you see: I was faced with a choice. I could buy a new pair of spectacles, or I could just replace the lenses on one of my old Lenskart pairs.

Of course, I chose to replace the lenses on the Lenskart pair. I was so happy with the decision because it meant that I could wear this pair of glasses that has genuinely seen so many of the happiest and saddest times I’ve spent on this campus till I leave. I was also happy that I did not have to take any decisions on the kind of frame that suited my face. I do not have the sharpest sense of fashion or trends, so any opportunity to delay independent decision-making in that regard is something that I will always, always seize.

To give him credit where credit is due, the optician did not make this decision quick, easy, or painless for me. He brought out a whole chart, an Excel sheet almost, showing me exactly what the cost points were. I didn’t even know so many types of lenses existed for glasses. The choices scared me, more than anything else. I just want to be able to see things clearly – nothing too fancy.

Of course, I tried making the best decision I could with all the information he provided with me.

And now my lenses have a blue tint on them sometimes because of some blue-light filter.

It almost makes me feel like I’m wearing some special sunglasses. What a joy.


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