I feel like my reading productivity has slowed down. I’m not entirely sure why it’s happened, but it has – ever since I came back to campus. The next couple of days are likely to be devoted to getting my reading productivity back up.

It’s tricky to be at odds with yourself for not reading continuously, or as vociferously as you usually do – after all, reading is a hobby for me. It isn’t stressful or anything of the sort, and it isn’t something I log-in time for. I’m usually just pleased reading how much ever I can read at any given point of time – which, given the fact that the hobby has become a sustained habit, is a fair amount. I think, however, that when the habit disappears, perhaps the only way to bring it back, and revive the hobby – even if it’s been on the slowdown just for a few days, is to push yourself to go ahead and actually do it. Read.

That’s what the weekend’s going to be about. Hopefully next week is a lot better reading-wise.


Let me know what you think!

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