2019: Three Hundred and Forty Seven

We drove across the Emirates to Ras Al Khaimah today. As with other road trips I go on, I invariably fell asleep and dozed off for a few minutes on the way there. I woke up when we were halfway through the drive (which isn’t too long in the first place), and saw these sand dunes around me, with sparse grass growing where you least anticipated it. The sand had an orange tinge to it, which was easy to explain because of the rain.

A few kilometres later, we saw these camels that had broken through the fencing on the side of the road eating some of the grass grown there. These were wild camels. We were close enough for me to get a peek of its teeth. My mom asked if she should stop so I could take a photo – and in that moment I should have said yes. Unfortunately I did not, so I’m going to attach a photograph from the internet here for you to look at. Actually, here’s something better:

It sort of reminded me that this country is a desert. It’s build upon a desert. That’s difficult to remember when you see the kind of luxury you see around you on a daily basis, but it’s really important to remember. That people toiled, worked, and dreamed, and built those dreams. That they envisaged what they wanted their future to be, and they constructed it, building up from the sand.

Shows you what time and effort can do.


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