2019: Three Hundred and Forty Eight

Yesterday tired me out. I genuinely didn’t do much, just sat in the car and then observed proceedings in another city. We got back home a little late, but I napped almost instantaneously. This morning, I couldn’t wake up at all. My mother said “I’ll make oats for you”, which I heard as “I’ll make smuggled goods for you” – which is the moment I realized my dreams were intertwining hard with reality. I’m lucky my mom realized as well and let me sleep in for a while.

I cooked rasam and rice for lunch today. Spent the afternoon doing some work, and then ran errands with my parents in the evening. We ate some great chaat and ice-cream, and I bought myself a lot of cookies. I’ve got about 20 days left in my holidays, and believe me, they’re going to be good snack days. It’s not like the previous month and a half hasn’t been. I’m just keen to carry things forward.

I also spent some time in the afternoon thinking about what I want to be doing. I have a lot of interests at the moment, which I’m able to engage with at a frequency I’m happy with: in terms of the amount of time I get to spend on these things I enjoy. However, something I’m not too happy with is the depth at which I engage with them. It feels a little superfluous. I’m trying to figure out ways in which I can continue to spend time on them – at the same frequency, but explore and engage with these interests in fresh ways. That includes my writing. As of right now, the daily blog (which is daily in 2019 after 3 years of trying) chronicles my days. It doesn’t tell the stories I want to, nor does it tell many stories at all. Something I’m hopeful of changing next year is the kind of stories I tell. Maybe I’ll write an actual full-length story from my life each day. I don’t think I have that many – nor do I think I want to tell all of them. What I want to do though, is to write more creatively, and to express myself more. On all the days: the good and the bad, and the downright ugly.

On days when I don’t have stories, I think I’ll pick up writing prompts and write from them.

These appear to be solutions to the writing hobby. I need to figure this out for the other hobbies I have – and hopefully I do.

Also: quick footnote. This blog uses the WordPress Block Editor and I don’t know how to justify my blog post text on the Block Editor, which is incredibly frustrating and very tiring and I absolutely dislike the fact that all my text isn’t justified and I hope it isn’t bothering as much as it’s affecting me. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know.


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