2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Three

Yet again, it appears like the habit of not writing on the WordPress editor and clicking “publish” has caught up to me. It’s not a great habit, honestly – and I’ve been trying to kick it out for so long, but the procrastination, and the ease of writing on Microsoft Word is far too alluring to me. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that once I catch up to today, I won’t have too much difficulty uploading stuff till the end of the year.

Today I went to the gym and then headed to the beach. We saw the most wonderful sunset, and its an image that’s lodged itself firmly in my memory. My aunt, my mum and I spent all the time thinking about how beautiful the Sun is – as a star that not only signals the end of our day-time, but also reminds us of the fact that there is a tomorrow to look forward to. It’s fascinating that we live from sun to sun, as creatures of habit. Yet, it’s comforting, in a sense, knowing that the Sun will rise in your part of the world again, and you will be offered another opportunity to live your life.

I also used the time to reflect on my day. Having visited the gym, I truly believed that I was entitled to some junk food. Thus, once the sun set and all the philosophizing had been completed, I took the adults to Five Guys and ate some large fries with mayonnaise.

It’s been a memorable day.


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