2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Four

I’ve been very fortunate to have parents who have indulged my food habits. I’ve been raised as and continue to follow a vegetarian diet, which, in my childhood was something of a difficulty. I was always the minority at parties, and sometimes the only vegetarian, which meant that families hosting me would make exception to their diet and attempt to ensure I always had something to eat. They were kind. My best friend’s family actually ensured my best friend always dined as a vegetarian whenever I was over (a habit I have now kicked).

It’s also always led to lesser choice when we’ve dined at restaurants that try catering to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. More often than not, the vegetarian choices are fewer in number.

Except at buffets, which is why I enjoy them so much. My parents recognized early on that I had quite the appetite. And so they pampered me by taking me to nice buffet spreads. One of these was a few years ago at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai, a spread unlike any other that I had. I’ve been determined to go back and visit, but we haven’t had the time nor the patience to actually go till there. My aunt being in town provided legitimate reason and excuse to go.

So go forth we did. The experience did not disappoint, and I have now returned home happy and content, but definitely a kilo or more heavier.


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