2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Two

Navigating is difficult work. Especially when it involves providing navigation instructions to your mother. Nonetheless, she did a pretty fine job of her driving, and we managed to travel 300 odd kilometres, from our house in Dubai, past 5 of the 7 Emirates to end up in Ras Al Khaimah. I’m fairly certain several individuals and lorries travel across all 7 Emirates in a given day, but this is no mean feat for a driver who is regaining her confidence. Naturally, everyone has celebrated this milestone achievement by sleeping early. It appears that there is indeed rest for the weary.

I haven’t driven a car for a while now. That isn’t because I don’t possess a licence, or because I don’t have the confidence. It’s because there’s hardly ever the opportunity, or the reason to go out driving – apart from the fact that I enjoy the activity. I hope I get to drive a carbon-neutral vehicle one day. That would be very fun.

Let me know what you think!

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