2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Six

We visited the Dubai Frame today, which is worth a visit. I still find it crazy that this city spent money on building a frame to “frame” the city, but it’s testament to what Dubai is – ambitious, with a side of crazy that spurs on the impossible and unimaginable. It was a wild experience.

Over the last few years away from my parents, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my relationship with them – both of them, and each of them independently. I share very different relationships with my mother and father, and I’m grateful for them both. My dad, however, has often borne the brunt of this distance away from me, because we’ve been apart for a long time – something I’ve written about several times already. The physical distance is one we’ve bridged through the use of technology, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that not being around for family moments hasn’t taken its toll – on each of us. My dad especially. He tried to be around for as much as he could. Came for PTMs often, and Graduation too. I don’t really remember him missing anything – which is testament to how often we bridged the gap.

But I missed several moments for him, including office parties and gatherings where I would’ve otherwise been able to just be a proud son for my dad when he celebrated stuff.

Today I didn’t. And I was treated to some good food and good company – with games and enjoyable activities, but also just the sheer joy of spending time being there as my dad’s family. My chikamma being there was such an added bonus. She’s a maverick and really good fun – so she quickly became the life of the party, winning herself some free earphones and providing me with little nuggets of laughter at dinner (aside from company for some Pepsi).


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