2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Seven

On my IELTS exam, I got asked to describe a place with a lot of colour, and give details about my memory of the place – as much as I could remember. I had to be stopped by the examiner because I begun describing Global Village, which I have far too many memories of, having visited so often.

My attitude toward the place has matured as I’ve grown older. I absolutely detested how much walking my parents made me do there as a child, and I hated the fireworks. The only reason I put up with it (maybe begrudgingly, I don’t have such a great memory also), is the fact that my parents always bought me good food there – and always ensured I got to carry home something fun. One of my first magic sets was bought at GV, as was a bunch of instant noodles. Also we began this habit of buying blenders at the place (amazing blenders, really), so I had new toys pretty much all the time.

Today I really appreciate the colour, the diversity and truly, what an exhibition the place is. The food remains amazing. I don’t buy much there, but the walking is very enjoyable. And the company: I usually visit with family + some others, is always, always fun. 


Let me know what you think!

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