2019: Three Hundred and Twenty Five

I took the difficult decision to skip out on visiting Ikea today, and ended up spending time at home working on some stuff I had to complete. I hate missing out on activities – especially when guests are in town. That’s a little contradictory to my general inertia and laziness, but I really enjoy spending time with guests and showing them around the city. It’s weird to think that shopping malls and Ikea constitute attractions, but they really do. Ikea especially. What an institution it is.

I’m yet to self-assemble a piece of Ikea furniture. I made an attempt around 6 years ago, when we purchased a table for the old residence my dad stayed at, but I found it really difficult. I’m hoping I get another opportunity when the parents and aunt return tonight – although it’s very unlikely that I will. One day I will assemble all the Ikea furniture. And all the Lego products. That will be a fine day.

I shall return to work now.


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