2019: Three Hundred and Twenty One

Sometimes its fun allowing my parents to experience new things they’ve always wanted to try out. Go-karting is one of them. My Chikamma was with us back then too – and I remember loving how fast my dad was and how he drove the go-kart with such skill. My mum had a field day with the bumps and the skids, because she was nursing a bad lower back issue at the time. We chuckled though – it was all really enjoyable.

My mum has been in the UAE for several years. She couldn’t recall the last time she went on an abra, which I’m sure she has – but maybe when she first arrived, or so. Today we crossed the Creek on one. Abras are nice – they’re essentially just motorized wooden boats constructed in a typically Arabian fashion. The Creek route is really short, it’s just a diagonal length of maybe 10-12km or so, so the journey takes barely 6 minutes. It made her happy though, and that brought me some joy.

Visiting the Old Souks always bring back memories of the several tantrums I have thrown because I did not want to be a part of the long walk down these streets. As a child, I didn’t particularly enjoy walking. I also didn’t enjoy not being at the center of attention, and I especially hated not having entertainment. I found it difficult to be my own source of entertainment in some respects, I guess. Gold Souk basically made Gold the center of attention, offered the adults other things to strike their “oohs” and “aahs” at, and left me massively bored and without new things to try out. Plus, nobody would let me touch anything [obviously]. Today though, I love walking there. I love the smell of Oud, and the sight of spice shops and stalls. I love hearing the bargaining happen and the variety of languages in which sales are taking place. Most of all though it reminds me, I love Dubai. I’m not as conflicted as I was a few years ago.

Let me know what you think!

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