2019: Three Hundred and Three

Bangalore weather has had the impact only Bangalore weather can have on my body. I slept, windows open, wind gusting through my bedroom, under two rugs – without disturbance, till noon. My aunt woke me up because her feeling was that it was too much sleep. I must agree. Sleeping for longer would have just taken away from a whole day in the city. It’s not like I had too many special plans, but it’s always a pleasure to be in your home city, and well – I wanted to while away my time awake.

I woke up, had a rapid shower, and got onto reading the paper and doing a quick catch up with the news. Then I wore a pair of pyjamas, a jacket, some socks, and sat on a recliner sofa in the house, with my laptop playing reruns of The Big Bang Theory.

A few episodes in and it was lunchtime. My aunt had made masala dosas – and of course I had missed breakfast (a repeat of Pune, really), so my lunch was that and some amazing radish sambhar.

The couch beckoned me with its warmth, and so I returned to surf the internet. Then Bangalore decided that the heavens ought to open up – and I decided to mark that arrival with some chai and Parle G.

Then I took a trip to Forum Mall.

I’ve always regarded Forum as the original Bangalore mall. Its been around forever. I don’t quite know its’ exact history, but I do know that I’ve visited the mall on some holidays – to spend time at Landmark more than anyplace else. I also have fond memories because I picked up rap albums for my birthday in Grade 7 when my parents took me to Landmark. That was a strange trip. It was odd because we must’ve spent half the day or so there – hunting around for gifts. We must’ve looked at the blurbs of easily 30 to 40 books, and I rejected all of them before deciding to look at toys. That produced no results either. Ultimately, I purchased the new Lil Wayne album – something I hold dear to me because it’s the last actual album record/piece of music I purchased (not discounting a subscription to Spotify Premium which I now own). Forum was also where I’ve had happy memories waiting to meet people who study at the nearby Christ University – the mixture of eagerness and anxiousness to meet the people you love, and the doughnuts you consume throughout that wait.

Today, I was there to meet up with an old friend. Panda and I have been friends since I was in Grade 11. He was my first “jamming” buddy, and the only guy I know who has evolved my taste in music and my ability in music production. Today, we caught up – but it was almost like we were fresh friends. For the first time, we discussed our interests outside of music. I guess that happens when you’ve only been in touch over the internet for the past 4 years.

And then I met V at Cafe Coffee Day for a grossly overpriced hot chocolate – a typical end to a Jayanagar day.

Being back is warmer than I thought it would be. It’s typical of Bangalore – it may blow cold outside, but it’s glowing bright and warm inside.

Let me know what you think!

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