2019: Three Hundred and Four

When I traveled to Bangalore, I was entrusted to the care of four primary care-givers: my mothers’ parents, her sister, and her brother-in-law. I was also entrusted to the community of caretakers that resided in the city – across my parents’ families, ranging to everyone’s cousins. I was the youngest – on both sides, which meant I was pampered everytime I came into the city by a range of people. My great-grandparents have been living with my grandmother’s brother for as long as I can remember, and my great-grandmother still does.

Today I visited their household. I’ve had the fortune of visiting them in all cities they’ve stayed in (since my birth) barring one, and they’ve played a key role in so many memories I have of Bangalore. Visiting them and spending time there is always a reminder of that. Today, though, Uncle dropped me back pretty much 10 minutes away from our house, and I sat behind him on his scooter. I don’t recall ever sitting behind him when I was a child – although I’m sure I have. In that moment, though, I felt like a 6 or 7 year old he was basically protecting. Uncle has that aura, and it’s something I cherish deeply about our relationship. He’s fiercely loving.

So much so that he’s tolerated me lying about doing my holiday homework for the entirety of my summer vacation. Our daily routine was this. He’d leave for work. I’d tell him I’d do some of my holiday homework before he got home. Then I’d sit and watch TV all day. He’d come home and ask about my holiday homework. I would tell him I’ve done nothing. He would laugh and make me laugh about it. And this cycle repeated for a month.

It was great. Best time of my life.

Then in the evening, I went out to Blossoms and Brik Oven. Being on MG Road has always been special for me, because I’ve been able to discover and appreciate it – and it’s surrounding areas only after moving away from Bangalore. I didn’t pick up any books, although I surfed across pretty much every aisle and found a bunch of great titles, but I did make more memories with a school classmate – and that’s worth everything to me at the moment.


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