2019: Three Hundred and Two

I left Pune today. My time with my grandmother on this trip has come to a close, and we return now to our grand old tradition of Sunday calls – one of the constants that dates back decades, and keeps me grounded when things go astray. She made rasam for lunch again, which was an absolute delight, and I passed into a true food coma as my aircraft took to the skies.

For in-flight entertainment, I had downloaded podcast episodes to keep me company. I haven’t tried one of these in a while, and recently discovered that Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, two of the stars of the hit TV show, The Office (US) started a podcast called Office Ladies. The first two episodes were pretty good – barring the advertisement breaks. Truly, capitalism is everywhere. It was nice to have them in my ears though, it did really provide some company (and some good insight) for the flight in my waking minutes.

Descending into Bangalore, I was struck by how you can never tell what a trip like this means to your co-passengers. On a single aircraft, there are always atleast a 100 difference motivations for taking a particular flight – and we never know (unless we interact) why people are with us on that one. For some, it could be their first trip to Bangalore, some could be flying in for a business trip, and some, like me – just visiting home. That thought – of the range of factors that bring people to a particular city, was one I soaked in.

Especially given that I could potentially be seeing Bangalore a little lesser in 2020.

I got home to my Chikamma’s place and ate more rasam for dinner (the lemon kind), and freaked out on some gulab jamuns she had gotten. Everyone clearly knows how to pamper me.

The week should see some of the stuff I love about this city the most, including my classmate V’s company, and Hari Super Sandwiches. Should be a good one.

Let me know what you think!

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