2019: Three Hundred and One

Today is my last full day in Pune. I really just wanted to spend time with my grandmother, so that’s precisely what I did. We spent the day finishing up some chores she had around the house, eating lunch and napping away. Makes for a good day spent.

It rained here today. There was a burst of sunlight in the morning, which made me really excited about the warmth coming into the house. That quickly faded, and the rain began to hit us around 4. While it cancelled (rather, delayed) our plans to go visit the temple, it gave me some time to get up and go to the window and get wistful about my youth.

I’ve chronicled my experiences in India on the blog before. I spent a large amount of time just growing up over summers here and spending time in the care of grandparents and chikammas adnd chikappas. While I learnt a lot, I think I learned how to despise the rain more than anything else. It ruined everything fun about the vacations. My breaks in Pune especially. We had a really slow dial-up connection, so I stayed away from the computer at home. My entertainment source was my PSP and the television – I caught up on all the Indian TV I missed out on when I was in Dubai, learning about Pokemon and such. I think my first source of anger was the fact that the TV wouldn’t receive signal when it rained.

Then there was the obvious – the increased number of mosquitoes and insects, and the feeling of rain and dirt mixing together on the street. The getting hit with muddy footballs and diving around in the slush – I really didn’t enjoy any of it.

I stood today peeking over the window-sill as the rain hit the floor, mixing with the mud on the street and it evoked those memories instantaneously. Except today I’m old enough to have no real feelings about the rain. I just dislike getting drenched. Everything else, I’m okay with. It’s a weather phenomenon I’m usually grossly underprepared for (I don’t generally roam around with an umbrella because it’s never become habit). It was then that I realized I had actually grown.

The last three days have been blissful. I’ve slept so much.

Off to Bangalore tomorrow, and the adventures that beckon me there till next week.

Let me know what you think!

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