2019: Two Hundred and Ninety Four

Today’s exam was interesting. It was the first exam I’ve had in Law School where I’ve had sufficient time to write in my own handwriting. When I write normally, I’m fond of using cursive. I like the style, and I particularly enjoy weaving it with my fountain ink pen. It usually brings me moments of joy, and a lot of comfort because it’s so deep-rooted in my memory. I’ve been writing in cursive since Grade 2, and it was a genuine struggle to get it to look decent, not in the least because of the way pencils used to smudge as I wrote across my book with my left-hand.

However, college exams have meant my handwriting has taken a turn for the worse. In the exams, I write to make sure my letters are discernable, but ensure that where I do not know case names fully I write just about enough to make them think I do. I don’t know how effective I’ve been in employing the skill, but till date, I haven’t got in any trouble for the writing. I’ve always walked out of the exam hall a little disappointed in myself – knowing that the representation of the words on paper have never fully accurately represented me, and my identity. I know it’s counter-intuitive. Exams are meant to have anonymity to ensure a lack of vindictive marking or any form of discrimination by faculty members. However, I find comfort in leaving my representation on whatever I write. To have that opportunity stolen away from me owing to lengthy question papers, an inability to write quickly, and a lot to write – it’s always heartbreaking.

Today’s question paper has just made me pleased, as a result. I’ve written in cursive that Grade 11 Tejas (who was undoubtedly at peak cursive levels) would be proud of.

I left a little bit of myself on that paper. It was a Drafting exam, so I not only had the opportunity to leave a mark in the form of my handwriting, but in terms of some of the  names and aliases I assigned to the parties to the various instruments I was expected to draft.

Things aren’t great – but they’re on the mend.

Let me know what you think!

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