2019: Two Hundred and Seven

My flat/studio-mate has her school friend visiting us for the weekend. I’m hoping to join them for some of the things they have planned out, but the forecast says its going to be a rainy weekend, and I have a couple of things I want to get done. Given the adventures of the last two weekends, including a fully unexpected but amazing trip to Spain – maybe it makes sense for me to camp at home. Let’s see how things go.

Its very nice to see my flatmate get so excited at the prospect of having her friend here. It reminds you a lot about the comfort of home. Not the place, but the people. So much nostalgia trapped in each person’s spirit and soul. You remember the oddities, the strangest details. For example, honestly, about my best friends from high school: I can only remember eating food. You ask me to tell you about my best friends and I can tell you stories about meals and the kind of jugaad we’ve done for food.

If my friends were visiting me here, which I wish they were, all we’d be doing is walking around and getting food.

Speaking of, I’m in Switzerland. I really need to have fondue before leaving.


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