2019: Two Hundred and Eight

Being a couch potato has fantastic benefits. I elected not to join my friends on their weekend adventures, which I think gives them also the opportunity to catch up properly with each other and enjoy themselves – while I get to work on the things I want to and ensure that this vanilla cream-coloured couch is left with my butt impression by the time I leave from here. One day, there will be a plaque on this sofa that shall say “Tejas sat here”, and that, will be my defining mark.

This sofa is honestly ridiculous. It sinks in when you sit, but the back is sturdy and offers a lot of posture correction and support. I can sleep on it all day if I’d like. The best part is that we arranged it to provide for adequate legroom and legspace, but to allow for multiple variations of lazing around on the couch.

This weekend has gotten off to a great start. Along with the couch potato-ing, I must say, a very underrated hobby is the ability to appreciate a nice sandwich, with cheese.


Let me know what you think!

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