2019: Two Hundred and Six

I haven’t written a book review since sometime in April. Life seems to have caught up with me, but it doesn’t mean my reading has stopped at all. In fact, to the contrary, in my time away from campus, I’ve been able to read a lot more widely – because I’ve been spending time hunting for books, rather than reading everything showing up on my recommendation list on Goodreads.

Recently, I’ve been reading on technology startup culture – and how they function, what their leadership looks like, what decisions they make. I was really obsessed with this show called Silicon Valley which used to run on HBO (I’m not sure about its status at present), but reading all these books is reminding me of that phase.

My favourite book in the series is called “A Year Without Pants”. I relate. I would like a year without pants (I have previously been vocal of my support for shorts, and I think not wearing any pants is a step backward, which means more relaxation and the ability to stay at home always – which is always great).  No, but really, it’s a fantastic read, and it discusses WordPress, which is one of the few applications I use every single day, given my writing schedules now.

I fully support that kind of work culture and autonomy, and to see that a company you’ve always enjoyed supporting (by using their products) have that, it’s a lovely feeling. WordPress essentially operates remotely. They do have an office, but they run a “work wherever” model, and have internal WordPress blogs and chat channels to keep communication running. They’ve basically taken out the inefficiencies of the workplace. Now, I thought that would be really boring – because you’re not getting to interact with people – which, to me, is something I look forward to when I’m going into work, but I think having the flexibility means you search for places outside of “work” to meet new people. Which is nice.

I wonder if professional set ups – with lawyers, etc, can function in a similar manner. I’d like to see that happen.


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