2019: Two Hundred and Nine

Sunday. Is there a day more beautiful? I think not. Actually, I think Saturday might be more beautiful than Sunday, because you’re still happy on Saturday evening – there’s a full days’ worth of holiday to look forward to. On Sunday evening the worry of work returns (I have no worry, I am really happy where I am working at the moment, and will remain pleased as punch if this continues forever). But Saturday morning doesn’t have the feeling Sunday morning does – that rush to make your weekend count because you’ve wasted the full Saturday. Plus Sunday has more of a ring to it. It rolls off the tongue, so to speak.

I’ve found a new goal for myself – one I plan to implement from August 1st. I’d really like to learn how to Code, so I’m downloading a couple of books and signing up for e-mailers and stuff to figure out what this extreme sport is all about. Hopefully I should make some progress by the end of the year.

Let me know what you think!

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