2019: One Hundred and Ninety Four

I did some research last night and found out there was a super famous jazz festival happening in Montreux: the Montreux Jazz Festival. So go there I did.

It’s been a really fun day.

My idea of traveling has sometimes been at odds with my family’s agendas of travels. While I’ve always come out feeling happy – their tours and travels have been meticulously planned and very, very fun, they’ve always been planned. I’ve always longed for some spontaneity, if nothing else, but to learn about where my spontaneity will take me, and what sort of decisions it’ll lead me to. Maybe it’s why I’ve always romanticized solo bagpacking trips, or traveling with smaller crowds and figuring stuff out as I go along. However, I don’t think that’s the life for me either. I think I’m a plan ahead broadly, and figure out minor specifics based on the mood (if need be) kinda person. Going alone today to Montreux, Lausanne and Nyon, gave me exactly that. I managed Nyon only because I just felt like going there after I heard the station being called out – and nothing else.

The Jazz Festival reminded me why I loved jazz, and why I wanted to learn how to play jazz music on the piano so badly.

These cities were all on the lakeside, all built on a slope. So many different perspectives were seen today.

I’m exhausted. But the travel, it was worth it. I want to make these kinds of things a part of my regular life too. I hope the next year allows me to learn how to do that.


Let me know what you think!

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