2019: One Hundred and Ninety Three

How absolutely ridiculous is it that a whole week has passed already.

The sun sets on Cessy only around 9:30pm every evening. Although it’s super bright outside when I return from work around 7pm, I’m usually spent and I end up pretty much crashing after cooking/eating dinner and checking my e-mails/catching up on work. I guess it’s because I’m still slowly settling in, but I’ve found it difficult to do any of the personal work I had set aside for when I got to Europe. I do think that’ll get better next week. Or I’ll have to get up a little earlier to finish off work. Being at home, I had got into a very comfortable routine to get my stuff done. The change in location has made things a little tougher, I have to admit. That’s also likely because I’m doing work-work and personal-work. At home I just slept.

Today, work ended early, so I decided to use the opportunity to roam around old Geneva. The water here is actually aquamarine, which I find ridiculous. I wish I could paint what I saw, but all I can do is take photos – and I’m not fully willing to put up photos of mine on this blog just as yet. Maybe next year. I also finally visited the Allee des Nations, and the Broken Chair, and took my first trip in the tram.

Some real firsts were accomplished today.

My dad has thought of the most thoughtful thing for my time in Switzerland so I’m really hoping to execute what he’s thought of before I leave.

It’s the weekend too. What a delight.


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