2019: One Hundred and Ninety Five

After all of yesterday’s adventures, I think I really wanted a chill day at home. I got one. My flatmate (if you were to call my living space a flat) and I spent the day cooking and cleaning up, doing laundry, and generally just relaxing. What I really like about our friendship and our living situation is that we’re trying to give each other as much privacy as possible – through small acts like wearing earphones and chilling, or taking calls outside, just to ensure that we aren’t intrusive. This isn’t to say that we don’t talk – we’re doing that a lot more than we’ve probably spoken in the last four years of college. But honestly, it’s been so easy, I like that.

We made pasta, and she whipped up a really nice Oreo cheesecake which we devoured while watching FRIENDS. Both of us did have work due at the end of the evening, which we managed, just about. It was a late night only – by regular standards, but a regular night by our standards.

I feel ready for the week ahead. I’m really looking forward to going to Lyon at the end of the week, which should be a ton of fun, given that my family friends will be joining me there.

Let me know what you think!

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