2019: One Hundred and Thirty Nine

I haven’t posted anything on the blog for the past two weeks because the 2nd of June was a surprise event I was helping prepare for. I did maintain the blog on a Word file though, so here’s a rewind catch-up for everyone who is interested.

Growing up I found it impossible to believe people who said and claimed that the place I lived wasn’t in Bangalore. I hardly met these kind of folks, mostly because everyone who studied at my school was on this side of town – but when I did, a strong sense of pride crept into me – and I defended my part of the city with all the gusto and energy I could muster. You see, the exclusion of where I stay from traditional city limits was very condescending, because it assumed that one part of the city was superior to other parts of the city.

Today, I must admit, though – that I felt like a lot of people were right. I am well outside of Bangalore’s traditional city limits. Where it hurts the most at the moment is my heart – because I’ve had to go through the painful experience of admitting that, but the connectivity here is abysmal at the moment. I’ve just had my plans for the day, which was to meet up with an old friend of mine, tank and burn in front of my eyes because I was unable to secure any modes of transportation for a good one hour. No private buses, no public buses, no autos, no cabs, nothing, nada, zilch.

Today is a sad day.

But, as always, in this summer of surprises, we shall attempt to convert everything to a positive. And as with today’s plans tanking, I have found a great opportunity to eat mango ice-cream and watch all the Harry Potter movies again. Aside from that I’ve cooked tomato rice and I’ve made paneer makhani for dinner.

All is well once more.


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