2019: One Hundred and Thirty Eight

I have immense appreciation for people who are able to take out time to help out others who seek to carry out functions in a similar space that they currently occupy. An example of this is seniors helping out juniors at various activities on a campus, but that’s nothing compared to adult, working professionals helping out college students and giving them gyaan that can potentially help them out.

I’m always very grateful to sit and listen to people and discuss ideas with them – especially when I can learn things from those conversations. Lunchtime today provided an opportunity to do just that, with one of my supervisors from a previous internship. I really look up to him, professionally, so getting to spend time with him was obviously something highly fascinating.

And since, I’ve come home and watched YouTube videos, talked to friends, watched Harry Potter, and cooked some food.

Life is swell.

Tomorrow though, I’m hoping to wake up and go for a run & do some exercise. Will I succeed? Time will tell.



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