2019: One Hundred and Forty

I misspelt forty while writing the title of this post – spelling it as “fourty”, because of course, that is how my brain remembers the number.

Today’s been a fantabulous day that I’ve spent out of my home for the most part. I caught up with a good friend of mine from school for lunch – where we ate starters at one place, and went out for pizza at another place for main course. And then I met up with another close friend for dinner. In the interim, I sat at a coffee shop and spent my time thinking. Apart from exploring the length and breadth of MG Road, and figuring out the cosmetic changes to the place from when I last interned there.

Bangalore fascinates me because of how miniscule the changes are from visit to visit. It’s really hard to pinpoint them, because they’re progressive changes – and then all of a sudden, in one of my visits, the entire landscape of a place shifts. Like with the old Opera House which Samsung now operates the coolest showroom I’ve ever seen out of. The facade around it was there for a very long time, and you could see incremental changes from the outside, but you never really knew what was up and what it was honestly going to shape up like. The bigger concern was whether they’d retain elements of the old Opera House when they built this thing. When I saw it for the first time, I was pretty shook, so to speak – because it was beautiful. The vibe was very nice.

Meeting with friends on this trip has happened a lot – and my social commitments are things I don’t shake off in Bangalore. But I feel like internships helped with that because I was only booked in the evening and I had to be home for dinner on as many days as possible (for the comfort of home food) – so I did 20 plans in 30 days or such. Now with my full day free, I’m averaging 2-3 plans a day, which I think is ridiculously wild. But such is life and I am now a raging party animal in Bangalore. I’ll cut down on it when my mum comes, I’m sure.


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