2019: One Hundred and Forty One

The mothership has landed which means that my days of heightened responsibility and incredible debauchery (such as eating a tub of ice-cream) will now be few and far between.

It’s always nice to see your parents after a couple of months. Home now feels more occupied which is lovely, and literally having a day to spend with someone in the house makes me think back about all those days of doing nothing in Grades 7 through to 12 that I had the good fortune of enjoying. I have, in characteristic fashion, decided not to get out of the couch today, and I have promptly been sent to the gym. So things are looking up for me – and perhaps the fitness agenda can take shape (as can I), slowly. But surely.

I did also cook up a fine meal – which means that my mother was able to sit in the kitchen and give me instructions without taking control of things from me – which I consider an achievement. And it tasted lovely.

Today’s been another nice day.

Let me know what you think!

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