2019: One Hundred and Thirty Seven

Today has been a very, very fun day.

I woke up super late (by all standards).

So many of my friendships are based on constant text messaging, or keeping in touch via WhatsApp – especially considering I’m currently in a city that isn’t technically my hometown for 8 out of 12 months in a year. The thing though, is that a lot of them have developed very organically after maybe one meeting, just owing to the fact that it’s easy to converse with them. Meeting these people face-to-face always gives me butterflies when I’m on my way to meet them: will our face-to-face meetings be as easy-going as our friendships on WhatsApp are? Will I discover something new? Will they discover something new or find they don’t like my company? Will the dynamic of our WhatsApp relationship change?

More often than not this doesn’t happen. Everything is fun, and I end up enjoying myself and continuing to stay in touch with these people. I find it amusing that these thoughts even swirl around my head. Today I met someone who I’ve just managed to keep in touch with and thoroughly enjoy talking to about everything. That feeling is lovely and warm and happy.

At night though, I unleashed a party animal in me I didn’t know existed also. I think that’s the effect of college. I’ve been to parties before, but it’s been super low-key for me because I’ve lounged around or played music at these parties. Going karaoke-ing on Friday night has to be the greatest suggestion and activity I’ve done or am likely to do this break.

What an exciting, wild time.


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