GloPoWriMo 2019: 20/30

A “spoken” poem is something I’ve never heard of before. I really enjoy GloPoWriMo for this very reason – the fact that it introduces you to genres you’ve never heard of before. But when I read about today’s prompt, I realized it was fairly easy for me: since my “poetry” is largely just a string of words I put together as if I’m speaking. Just with a little more structure, I would think. Today’s poem probably takes away some of that.

Tejas Thinks

My brain’s honestly sometimes the whackiest place, because I imagine
conversations between inanimate objects and scenarios which are hypothetical and wonder whether any of them will ever happen, or whether it’s possible to confirm that they haven’t happened. The Science is crazy, you know? So many competing theories, and then there’s a layer of religion as well – which sometimes contradicts the Science. What do you believe in? Anyway, can we really tell whether or not the trees talk about how terribly we treat them, and how we uproot their friends and families? Do you think the dogs talk about how people beat them, and whom to avoid? These are things I think about when I sleep, and even when I’m awake, fully aware of the fact that,
I don’t control people’s behaviour, apart from my own,
And I make mistakes sometimes.


Let me know what you think!

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