2019: One Hundred and Ten

Saturday classes are not a commonality at my University. So even if they’re hosted because we’re getting a holiday mid-week, they’re uncomfortable for the system, which is used to waking up late, eating aloo parantha, going back to sleep, lazing around, eating aloo chips, and doing an assortment of activities associated with the first day of the weekend.

Naturally I dozed through classes today.

After which I gave a viva (probably my last of the semester, hopefully), and then caught up with some stuff in the admin before retiring to my room for the weekend. The hostel, that way is an excellent place. My room, especially, has this insane ability to draw you in and make you never want to leave again. It’s wonderous.

In other news, the book reading has picked up, so hopefully reviewing will pick up speed too. With it being exam time, I’m going to look for as many avenues as possible to spend my time not studying. Having these options will help me ensure my brain isn’t fully fried over the next two weeks.

The fun part about this time’s exams is that they end on my birthday – which I felt a little disheartened by. It was a full throwback to my 12th Grade exams again. But life is cyclical in a lot of ways, so maybe this is one of them. I’ll celebrate my birthday anyway. Study in advance so as to leave enough time to enjoy myself for one or two hours as the clock strikes midnight.


Let me know what you think!

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