2019: One Hundred and Eleven

I don’t think much comes close to the feeling that Sunday brings. It’s very liberating to be free.

A while back I wrote about a moot court competition I had participated in as a Researcher, and how much I enjoyed that competition, and working with my team. I’m pleased to inform you that the moot went smoothly, and we met our expectations, and were happy at the end of the competition – the three things I was looking forward to the most. The team finally came back, but we haven’t been able to sit down together.

That’s one of the craziest things. I feel like throughout this moot, six of us got together as a team so infrequently that it was a rarity we celebrated with food. All my memories of 6 of us as a team have food associated with them: one night we ordered pizza to the admin block, once we went to Mocha. Therefore, it was only fair that once everyone found the time, we got together for good food again.

We’re an eccentric lot, and I don’t think many people saw us as a “strong” moot team. People are quick to labels that way. Moot teams which have experience are “strong” and suddenly have higher expectations cast upon them by society at large, and the society they live in. I guess this is true of all competitions and competitive activities.

But we managed, and how.

This year will be one of the most beautiful, wretched years of Law school for me because it gave me an opportunity I haven’t had before. I’m very proud of my teammates, genuinely. I think each of them, rather us, overcome some very real fears we had in life. The lessons we took away from the last one year will probably serve us even outside the moot experience and our campus life. The best part about it was that we each supported each other on this journey, but allowed the journey to take it’s own course for every individual.

It’s been a privilege.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, and I can only hope my teammates are as happy as the end of next year as my teammates this year are. That’ll mean the world to me.

Also sending prayers to Sri Lanka. Some disastrous stuff has gone down in that country, and to see a place suffer with so much violence is something that draws at my heartstrings like not much else does. One day I will be in a position to help with more than just my prayers, and I will utilize it to the best I can. That’s a public promise.


Let me know what you think!

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