2019: Sixty-Five

Is it possible to have a good paper followed by a bad paper? Yes. Such is life. Exams are such. Each exam must taken independently, and not as an entire set of papers. Which necessarily demands that you take each paper without thinking about papers in the past, and papers of the future. This is particularly difficult when exams all happen in one stretch, a singular week demanding all your focus, your energy, and your concentration. Of course, there’s a hype about – exams here are often straightforward, demand very little application of the mind, and are usually glorious writing-fests, but, the fact that you attempt to prepare to the best of your capability is not an aspect of exam-taking that you can overlook.

This is difficult also when papers vary in difficulty – either owing to course material, course subject, or even inherent interest.

I like Taxation far less than I like other Laws. Conceptually, however, Taxation is something I’m for. Which is not a system I’m comfortable with. This dichotomy in preference clearly showcased itself to it’s fullest when I wrote my Tax Law paper. Onto the next one.


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