2019: Sixty-Four

I had a good paper today. Aside from legitimately having a lot of content to write for all answers, I had a good paper because I thought the paper was well-set, and that made a massive difference to my mentality as I wrote. This was one of the first papers in Law school that tested us on everything that was included in the portion for the exam – which meant skipping modules and not preparing properly would have affected your confidence in writing answers for sure. It was well-balanced, with questions across all modules, options, and options designed to test your test-taking ability by testing your time-management decision-making, which I think is an attribute not a lot of faculty account for – they either set papers that are excessively lengthy, or uselessly short that we spend time faffing around about.

Which brings me to my qualm about exams generally. Even today, on a paper I enjoyed writing so much, I found myself counting pages that I had to the end of the manuscript. I knew I had 18 sides to fill up with my content, and 5 6 markers to attempt, so no real split was possible, especially since each answer was to start on a fresh page for readability. But by the end I noticed I had 7 sides for 2 answers and kept counting to make sure I had enough content to get to the end. Which means I’ve become a slave to the system here. I don’t know if it reflects poorly on me, but this is a culture I wanted to stay away from in first year, and yet, I’ve succumbed to it. One day I’m hopeful that this attitude leaves me. The sooner the better.

In either case, this is who I am now, so I must embrace atleast the fact that I don’t think I faffed on even one of those eighteen sides I have written today. Which is noteworthy.

Last night was exciting too. I saw a cat in the boys hostel washroom around 1AM. The electricity was cut off at 2AM for about an hour, which meant utter chaos because people were screaming things collectively and letting out all their frustration by shouting into the abyss and nothing could regulate us. I don’t know how the energy sustained one hour but the josh in the boys hostel at losing our source of power, was frightening. If you channeled the screaming for electricity, and converted sound energy to electrical energy somehow, you’d have a self-powered machine in the boys hostel. Man.

Too much yelling.

Law school can sometimes push you to these places, I think.

Tomorrow’s a rough paper – because the course is poorly structured and horribly explained. I’ve just completed the portions but I understand very little of it at the moment so it’s going to be a long night of trying to understand bits of what I’m going to go tomorrow and write eighteen sides for.

One of my friends told me we’ve written 87 papers here already. All midsems and endsems included. That’s an accurate number and it’s horrifying. I don’t think I wrote 87 exams between 10th to 12th Grade.


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