2019: Sixty-Six

From a very meh paper to a paper I enjoyed preparing for and writing. How emotions and the thought of pleasant faculty can affect one’s preparation is immense. Our Competition Law faculty is exuberant, energetic, and passionate. He also goes off on tangents at numerous points during a discourse. But, if you choose to pay attention in his classes, you will leave them a little better informed, but certainly, more entertained. I think that sticks through as you prepare, and it allows you to focus on content because you know it’s correct and has logic to it – since he’s explained it that way.

I’m also ridiculously sleepy – not because of anything but my own actions and choices. Studying the night before an exam is an adventure I would not recommend to the weak-willed and the faint of heart, because sleep is a powerful intoxicant that demands your entire attention.

Especially when you choose to sit on your bed.

I can’t believe it’s taken my 4 years to figure that out.


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