2019: Fifty-Three

Everyone is here! Okay, not everyone. But everyone who had planned to visit Ahmedabad is here, which is fantastic news for us all, and me, especially.

Today I had the opportunity to lounge with my family and introduce them to the IIM-Ahmedabad campus. We’re a family of nerds (even the cool ones like my aunt, my grandfather, and myself) – so visiting educational campuses gives us a real sense of happiness. I think it definitely did for all of them who visited – because we got to see cool architecture, but also enjoy the vibe of being in a top institution in the country (or perceived top institution).

My highlight of today was seeing the happiness on my father’s face – because I had access to such a great institution, and seeing him purchase a hoodie which had the IIM-A varsity logo on it. It reminds me that I inherit several traits from my dad – a love for memorabilia, is one of them.


Let me know what you think!

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