2019: Fifty-Two

I predicted correctly. I didn’t blog for an entire week. For a few reasons which I predicted earlier as well. So it’s time to catch up.

The anticipation that fills your body when people whose company you enjoy are about to arrive, is a feeling that is incomparable to much else. For me, the arrival of my friends, or my family, in a place where I reside, fills me with that feeling, right to the brim of my body’s capacity. It’s an anticipation that keeps me happy for a few days before their arrival, and keeps me awake enough to go pick them up from the airport at 3AM. It’s an anticipation that is mixed with a feeling of comfort, of home, and of voices that fill the atmosphere around me with conversation in the tongue I am most comfortable in.

It’s also an anticipation I never understood I would grow to love – for my complacency in enjoying their presence at my disposal: attending family gatherings only when it was convenient for me, visiting them and speaking to them only when I was in the mood to do so, basically, being a petulant teenager. I didn’t think I’d be in a position where I missed the company of my family – because I always had the opportunity to feel their presence at my whims and fancies.

I’ve grown to love the anticipation. From the first and second year, when I found it “inconvenient to my schedule at college”, but managed to find a way to spend time with them – to now, when I will drop everything for when they visit – as best as I can, a lot has changed.

I can’t wait.

Let me know what you think!

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