2019: Fifty-Four

This morning I had to skip out on activities because, of course, I chose to do my intra moot court competition at University and procrastinate on my memorial submission. As always, a nap I had planned to take ended up in me going to sleep and leaving citations to do the entire morning. Skipping on that sucked. Especially because they went to the Vintage Auto Museum and the Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition – two things that are so up my alley.

When I met them for lunch, they told me how much they missed having me there – and I knew then that I would have enjoyed both these exhibitions a ton.

But, I think we’re all very happy that we got to spend every moment in the day together. Lunch was fabulous, at ISKCON, and then we went to the Riverfront, shopping at Law Garden, and eating at Manekchowk. True family bonding experiences.

Missed my Uncle a lot today – especially when we pulled my grandmother’s leg and ate at Manekchowk.


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