2019: Nine

Remember how I wrote about inertia earlier? The more I think about it, the more I find that inertia affects me most when I have deadlines which are flexible or uncertain, or where I have to start something new that I’m extremely motivated about, but that will require a lot of dedication and work.

It’s why, for example, I procrastinated a lot of my blogging last year. It’s also a principle cause of my procrastination in creating a book list from last year.

The cold weather really doesn’t help. Once I wear sweaters and get under the fleece blankets I have laid out on my bed, getting back to the table/doing any activity that requires effort (including using the washroom) seem to be tasks that need so much movement, that I can hold them off.

Starting today, I chose to remedy that. I’ve decided not to lay down on my bed (sitting is permissible because my bed is extremely comfortable) till a reasonable hour in the evening. Where my bed attracts me too much, I will get out of my room and move to the library. It’s honestly the only way I see myself not binging Youtube all the time.

It seemed to work, because I finally got around to that public international law blog I wanted to start up. Which is a nice feeling.



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