2019: Eight

Lethargy is both the worst and the best feeling in the world. In the moment, honestly, nothing comes close to the feeling of kicking back and “chilling” – in the most literal sense. For me, this is usually binge-watching something, or reading something engrossing while stretching my legs on the bed. Accompanied by a packet of chips, and some good music.

It’s fabulous.

Till you lose track of all time, and binge-watch more, and more. And more. And more. Till episodes become seasons, and seasons become series’. And series’ become more series’ and spinoffs, and clips from episodes you’ve seen already.

And then you sleep.

At which point it is still amazing. But then you wake up the next morning with leftover tasks to do, which is pretty terrible.

The endless cycle of master procrastination, am I right?


Let me know what you think!

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