2019: Ten

I’m incredibly attached to the electronic devices I am fortunate to own. Very high levels of attachment. To be honest, I’ve always loved gadgets and technology. There are two stores I can spend all day in, without any company: electronics stores, and sports equipment stores. I’ve done this on numerous occassions, so I speak from a position of experience.

Each time I choose to purchase a new electronic gadget, there is both reason (it’s never random expenditure), and research. So, for example, a new laptop is purchased only if the old laptop is beyond all repair and use. And time is devoted to research. Before purchasing my first laptop for me (as a nice surprise), my father made me visit electronic shops and speak to technicians. I didn’t like the idea at the time – I remember deciding really early that I would only spend half the day looking at laptops, but spend the other half loafing around the mall to eat good food, and then get back to the PS4 installation at the shop at play FIFA.

I was honestly pretty surprised at how much time it actually took to research electronics. But reflecting on that experience, that laptop I researched on gave me 5.5 really solid years – and 3 sets of board exams. I used it so much – it saw me hide from my mom as I played games on social media (instead of studying), make music, learn bits and pieces of coding, and so much more. I grew with that laptop, and I do miss it even today.

It’s a bit touchy to give my laptop for servicing. To have a part of it fail on me – and have to give it in for some TLC that I cannot provide. I had to go through that today – because I was having issues with the LCD monitor in my laptop, and as I saw the service technician hold my laptop, and caress it’s metallic body, I felt a mixture of several emotions.

The predominant one was that I was not good enough with my appreciation and treatment of my laptop. Literally all I could think about on my way back was if cleaning my LCD screen more often would’ve made a difference.

And now it’s in someone else’s hands.

The sadness is real. I hope I’m reunited with it soon. Pray for me, friends.


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