2019: Seven

Another first day of classes means another golden opportunity to write the date wrong on every single notebook I possess. I’m pleased to report that I did in fact, manage to write “2019” on all 5 books I used today. Which is a small win for me.

It’s freezing here, in Gandhinagar. And you can wear as many layers as you’d like when you sit in the comfort of your room, or when you’re walking around, or when you’re in class. But your bare bum still needs to touch the toilet seat when you need to take a shit – and there is no pain that can come close. Nor can you explain to anybody who lives outside a hostel the fear of receiving only cold water to bathe in. These are, frankly, fears I’ve faced for the last 3 years now. But my back and my shoulders are unprepared to shiver while sprinting from my room to the shared washroom after bathing.

My luck with my documentation, it appears, has followed me to my room. I have discovered that one window does not fully shut – which means that I don’t need to rely on my phone to tell me the temperature, or the realfeel outside. I can feel the tip of my nose, or my slowly chapping lips and proclaim the exact weather conditions. Perhaps it’s time to make Tejas the Thermometer a thing.

Till warmer climes come I will be grateful for the fact that I possess really nice sweaters.

Classes are pretty good – subject-matter wise, this semester. I was pretty happy all through class hours today.

And I finished my first book, and my first run of 2019. A solid day, all round.

May tomorrow bring me warm water to bathe in, and lips that respond to the application of Vaseline.

Let me know what you think!

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