2019: One

New Year’s Day has always been fascinating as a concept to me. Several people argue that because time is a construct man has created, it is just an ordinary day we attach significant importance to. But it’s always interesting to see how much of an impact the day itself can have on people.

As a child, we used to celebrate New Years’ Eve with family friends we had in Abu Dhabi. Ordinarily, I would stay up all night with one of my aunts – thus, I’d be pooped out by the morning. I’d wake up say by 10AM or something, and then get to the paper as fast as I could. Gulf News and Khaleej Times always had this calendar they’d put out – which I found really cool. It was a massive spread out calendar on glossy paper, which had highlights of what the year was going to bring.

I think for a while there was no newspaper on the 2nd day of the year because as my dad reminded me, publishing presses also got a holiday on the 1st.

For a while I think I believed that people just stopped everything on the 1st. So no real news per se, took place.

Tracking back, I think it’s exciting to look at how people approach New Years Day. Some view it as the start of how they keep up their New Years Resolutions, others carry on with their lives as if nothing (except a rad party night) has transpired, and others treat it as the day they ring in change. Which means that they begin to procrastinate the fulfillment of their New Years Resolutions.

Which is exactly the category I belong to. Welcome to my first blogpost of the year. Happy 2019, everybody!


Let me know what you think!

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