2018: Year In Review

This year has been absolutely crazy. It’s been a year of self-reflection and learning, and a lot of my own personality has become clearer to me. I’ve been able to – through fights, more often than not, understand where my perception has hurt others, and tried, as best as I could – to correct that situation.

It’s been a year of fulfilling personal dreams – whether it was getting to travel to the United States of America, or whether it was spending 3 weeks at home with my parents. I got to spend a week in Africa with my family – an experience I had inertia for, but one, I can never forget.

I’ve made some new friendshipsa I value deeply, and reconnected with old friends who have shown me more than ever that Law school had sucked a lot out of me.

It’s been a year of loss – losing my paternal grandfather was difficult, especially for my father, my Uncle, and my grandmother. Three people in my life I care deeply about. My father’s demeanour and emotion at a time of acceptance is something I’ve learnt a lot from.

It’s also been a year of growth. Personally, as I’ve detailed above, but also for my family and friends. I’m very grateful that over the last year, each family member has found something that drives them. I’ve been judgy at times, especially toward those hobbies I found difficult to understand. But its always lovely to sit back and look at how each person has changed in the year.

Some friends of mine graduated, and some friends switched jobs. Some paid me pocket money out of their salaries, and some didn’t.

Life goes on.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve achieved some goals I had set for myself in 2018. I read a 104 books. I gymmed for a bit. I ran as much as I could. My team and I cracked a moot we worked on. I wrote. I slept.

But 2019’s here now. Pretty much here atleast. So I’m going to use this to tell you that there’s a couple of things I have in the pipeline. Largely so I’m publicly accountable henceforth.

  1. I’ll be writing here daily.
  2. There’s a book blog called Pages With Tejas – you’ll be seeing updates from me fortnightly at minimum. I’m using this year to expand on my readership – and try to cover as many authors as I can. Read them in full. Understand their messages better.
  3. Some academic writing.
  4. Some cricket/sports oriented writing – which I will share when I can.
  5. Will be running a 10k at some point in the year. For sure.
  6. Getting back to music and music playlists.
  7. Learning a language.

I think that’s enough to share for now.

I hope your 2018 has been pleasant as well. If you’ve experienced lows, my deepest sympathies and some ice-cream. It isn’t worth saying stuff like “I hope you’ve learned from the experience”, because sometimes you just need some tender coconut ice-cream from Naturals to cure all your worries.

Watch some Disney movies too.

May your 2019 be full of cheer and stuff! Happy New Year!


Let me know what you think!

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